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Hello, welcome to my weblog! My name is Monica Ritchey. I am from Mentor, Ohio. My preferred pronouns are she/her/hers. I am majoring in Early Childhood Education. I would ideally like to teach 2nd or 3rd grade, but I will be happy to educate any grade level. I hope to make the most of life at John Carroll. I am a proud member of the cheerleading team and the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. I believe these two programs will help keep me involved during this unusual school year. For this course, I have signed up for story time with children in Kindergarten through 3rd grade in order to fulfill my service requirement. I am excited to begin this educational journey next month! 

Family is what matters most to me. I have two loving parents and five older siblings. The link attached leads to the article, Family , put out by the National Center for Safe Supportive Learning Environments. This helps connect my familial values to issues in education. The reading offers details on how a healthy home life creates a better learning environment. I felt that my home life certainly fostered my academic success. My parents created an environment that pushed education which helped all of my brothers and sisters to graduate from universities and hopefully will assist me in obtaining a degree within the next few years.

In addition, I love animals. My pets matter greatly to me. I currently have four cats, three dogs, and a guinea pig. I adore each of them equally and treat them like they are members of the family. Besides their inherent cute attributes, I also find that my pets help to reduce my anxiety. This is especially needed during times like these. I have attached a link to the article, About Pets and People, written by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. This piece details various other health benefits of owning a pet. I think that everyone who can, should own at least one pet because of the happiness it can bring you.

I believe that educational inequality is a significant issue facing the field of education right now. Educational inequality is the unequal dispersal of scholastic resources. This especially affects minority students, thus limiting their academic opportunities. Considering my strong interest in the topic of inequality, I believe that this is a top concern for the education system that should be discussed more in order to find a plausible solution.

Another issue that faces the field of education is the common core put in place in public schools. The common core is a set of standards that educators must follow for teaching and testing in the areas of language arts and mathematics. Many teachers argue that these guidelines are inflexible forcing their lesson plans to be less creative; therefore, less engaging for the student. In addition, the common core does not take into account various students who may take a longer period of time to fully comprehend the material. As a student who went to public school, I did not enjoy these standards because they often resulted in less interesting, more demanding classes. Furthermore, as a future educator, I want to have more freedom to create an interesting and memorable learning experience for my students.

Throughout my years of schooling, I have formulated various lasting and prominent memories. One that stands out is when my English teacher asked my classmates and me what educators we were afraid of. A few of my peers stated certain teachers that they were scared to speak to or ask questions to which saddened my English professor. She explained that we should not feel this way about any teachers and how school should be an open learning environment where students feel welcome and encouraged to learn. These ideas are what I hope to one day implement into my classroom, ensuring that my students feel that they are in a safe, supportive, and comfortable learning environment.

In order to feel comfortable to take intellectual and creative risks in a college classroom, I must feel that there is a limited amount of judgement from the teacher and students. This will help me express my opinions freely and take on new challenges as I see fit, thus benefiting my overall educational experience. Classrooms that have a more open form of learning with facilitated student discussion and debate are where I feel most comfortable especially if a multitude of my classmates are participating.

I am excited for this course and to begin my journey into the world of education! I have no questions about the course at this time, but I was wondering how many cats you have owned? In addition, I was curious as to whether you prefer cats to dogs?




Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2019, April 15). About Pets & People. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.,depression%20by%20giving%20us%20companionship.

Family. National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments.

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