Service – Questions & Answers

Activity/Event Name
Story Time K-3
What struck you or stayed with you today? *
Nothing struck me, it was simply an instructional and informational session.
How are your life experiences similar and different from others’ in the situation? *
My life experiences are different from the children because I am older and more understanding of the virtual situation. They most likely do not understand why they must decrease socialization and now attend school, as well as, these activities online. I will be more clear on this situation next week when we begin our sessions.
What are the strengths and limitations of virtual engagement? What surprises you? *
The strengths are that we are able to virtually interact with the kids and provide them with entertainment during these difficult times. The limitations are that we do not have in-person interactions and connections are more difficult to make. Nothing has surprised me yet since I have not actually had a chance to interact with the children, but I am excited to see what awaits me.

What are you feeling as you begin a semester of service in this activity? 

I am feeling excited and nervous to begin my semester of service in this activity.

What is one hope you  have for this experience? 

I hope to gain experience interacting with children to be able to look back on when I am a teacher later in life. I can not wait to read a story to the children!

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