Service Questions & Answers 2

What are the strengths and limitations of virtual engagement? What surprises you?  

The strengths are that we still have a means of communication. The children have something to look forward to during these difficult times and have a different means to make friends. The limitations are that it is virtual; therefore, the connections are more difficult to make. Children may still feel isolated; however, I was surprised by the willingness of the participants to share their thoughts, feelings, opinions, and ideas.

How are your life experiences similar and different from others’ in the situation?

My life experiences are different from the children because I am older and more understanding of the virtual situation. They most likely do not understand why they must decrease socialization and now attend school, as well as, these activities online. However, they seem to be more accepting of it. The children have adapted to their changed environment and overcome their difficulties.

What struck you or stayed with you today?  I was impressed by the children’s willingness to communicate over zoom. I assumed that because it is a different means of communication, the students would be more shy and less likely to speak, but it turned out to be the opposite.

My Reflection

I enjoyed my experience with the children; however, I would like to personally interact with the students more. There really was not a time for me to get to know the any child on a personal level, but I am aware that in weeks to come, I will be given this opportunity so I am not worried about it.

What needs in the community does this organization address? Why? 

This service recognizes the need for more socialization in the community during these covid times. The children seem excited to get on and interact with children their age, so programs like this will really benefit their social skills.

How have your eyes been opened to the realities of the people you work with?  

My eyes have been opened to the reality that children have adapted to this new technological era because of covid. The kids seemed to be excited to interact virtually which was not what I was expecting.

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