Service Questions & Answers 2

What are the strengths and limitations of virtual engagement? What surprises you?   The strengths are that we still have a means of communication. The children have something to look forward to during these difficult times and have a different means to make friends. The limitations are that it is virtual; therefore, the connections are more … Continue reading Service Questions & Answers 2

Learning Experience – Neoliberalism in Education

Jason Blakely tackles the issue of neoliberalism in education in his piece,  “How School Choice Turns Education into a Commodity.”  Blakely uses real examples and quotes from reliable sources to present the reality of the “school of choice” initiative that has become increasingly popularized in the United States. He emphasizes the negatives of this marketization … Continue reading Learning Experience – Neoliberalism in Education

Service – Questions & Answers

Activity/Event NameStory Time K-3What struck you or stayed with you today? *Nothing struck me, it was simply an instructional and informational session.How are your life experiences similar and different from others’ in the situation? *My life experiences are different from the children because I am older and more understanding of the virtual situation. They most likely do … Continue reading Service – Questions & Answers

Progressivism in Education – Current Connections

In “Education in the Progressive Period,” Edward Janak, discusses the Progressive Era of education. He details the key components and figures of this educational period, as well as the limitations and downfalls of progressivism. Janak brings these ideas to light through the skillful incorporation of examples, detailed stories of lived experiences, and references to important … Continue reading Progressivism in Education – Current Connections

Class Survey

Hello, welcome to my weblog! My name is Monica Ritchey. I am from Mentor, Ohio. My preferred pronouns are she/her/hers. I am majoring in Early Childhood Education. I would ideally like to teach 2nd or 3rd grade, but I will be happy to educate any grade level. I hope to make the most of life … Continue reading Class Survey

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